Super HelpDesk is a free sofware to help IT department to collect case request then follow cases to user, it can auto generate monitor window for manager to monitor IT team jobs, and IT enginner can take case/handle over case/close case/update case easily. also each case will be logged in records can be review at anytime. in this system, provide chat function also, the employee can contact with IT easily while they are not suitable to give phone call to IT helpdesk team. Pls feel free to contact with our support team at:

Running Client Platform: Window 7, Windows 10, Windows 11 Running Server Platform: Linux, Windows, Unix, MySQL8 Features Develop platform: QT 7.0 Chat function provide quick communication channel All operate steps log into system for easily review Collect employee IT issue request; IT engineer know what should he do; IT manager know how many cases handle by IT engineer; IT mananger know how many cases request by department.

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